परम पूज्‍य आचार्य श्री कौशिक जी महाराज के पावन सान्निध्य में ब्रज चौरासी कोस यात्रा दिनांक 22 से 28 फरबरी, 2018 तथा 1 मार्च होली महोत्सव का आयोजित किया जा रहा है | यात्रा में सम्मिलित होने के हेतु आप सभी सादर आ‍मंत्रित हैं। रजिस्‍टेशन हेतु सम्‍पर्क - 7055313399, 9259031399।

Acharya Kaushikji Maharaj

Kaushik Antaryatra

Even a big pot full of water will be emptied By a small hole, In the same way, A little anger or ego will burn up The nobility of GOOD HEART


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The Vishwa Jagran Manav Seva Sangh Charitable Trust in guidance of Acharya Shri Kaushik ji Maharaj runs four big Cattle houses for Cows (House of Cows) in Shridham Vrindavan. Acharya Shri kaushik ji Maharaj himself look after all the activities and work at the Cattle House.

A very big new Cattle House for Cows “Tulsi Tapovan Gau Shala” is under construction in Mandla (M.P.).

The Cattle house will be constructed in total 27 ½ acre of land and will shelter all the old and handicapped cows. The important thing is, this land is donated to Acharya Shri kaushikji Maharaj by one of the follower.

Serving a cow at home is the special religion, a special service to God. We all wants to serve the cows but in today’s circumstances we cannot serve a cow at home. But we can definitely help the organizations which are involve in such activities in any manner. It’s a myth in India that a person who serves a cow never dies accidentally. Lord of the Brij Nand Nandan Shri Krishna has also served the cows in Vrindavan and People know him by the name Gopal.

Serving the Cow is a divine work which makes way to the land of Shri Krishna and makes our soul free from the process of reborn on the earth.

Following points are our main aim: –

  • To Pick up injured cattle, get them to the hospital via an ambulance and To then provide them with every appropriate treatment for their well-being.
  • To Provide complete care to old aged and wandering Cows.
  • To Provide medical treatment to seriously wounded and cancer suffering cows and their progeny.
  • To Encourage people to protect and Save Our Holy cow.
  • To Rescue cows from being killed in slaughterhouses and rehabilitate them once again.
  • To Increase awareness of the benefits of cow milk, butter, curd and Ghee and the importance of being vegetarian.